Press Release: Call for stakeholders’ commitment in the upcoming elections

Press Release: Call for stakeholders’ commitment in the upcoming elections

The Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) is a legally constituted body under the Electoral agreement of the National Consultative Assembly held on 17th September. This underlying agreement which was ratified by the two houses of the parliament on 1st October 2020 required the establishment of an electoral model, electoral processes and the formation of an electoral implementation committee.

Since its inception, the Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) has undertaken key significant electoral activities such as the formulation of the leadership and sub-committee organs of FEIT, preparation of electoral procedures, coordination of capacity building trainings and the formations of state-level electoral commissions. FEIT’s leadership also held various stakeholder consultative meetings with both the local communities and the international partners.

In view of the fact that the Federal Republic of Somalia is prepared for elections, the commission is concerned by the long-standing political differences that have slowed the electoral activities and thus calls upon all stakeholders to engage in dialogue and reach a resolution. FEIT reminds the leadership of the FGS and FMS that the sole responsibility to facilitate successful elections and to enable the Commission carry out its mandate lies with the leadership of the National Consultative Assembly.

The commission wishes to commend the leaders of the Federal government, Federal member states, traditional elders, the civil society and the international community for their recent efforts towards political consensus between the leadership to hold the forthcoming elections.

FEIT also urges all candidates and contestants to maintain peace and security and uphold public safety during their political engagements and campaigns in line with the election codes of conduct.

Finally, FEIT assures all the citizens, partners and the elections stakeholders of the Federal Republic of Somalia that it remains committed to readily implement the electoral procedures for peaceful, free and fair elections in accordance with the political agreements reached by the National Consultative Assembly on 17 September 2020.