How FIET will Promote and Protect Women’s 30 Percent Quota

The Federal Election Implementation Team (FEIT) is very much committed to ensuring that the Mogadishu agreements towards the women’s 30 percent quota will be promoted and protected in the upcoming election. The Committee will take the following actions to ensure that women’s 30 percent quota and their overall representation will be materialized in the upcoming federal election:

  • The Gender Committee will use all of its mandate to ensure that women’s 30 percent quota will be achieved and protected in the upcoming election;
  • The Gender Committee will implement the guidelines and strategies set forth that have been designed to enable the materialization of the women’s 30% quota
  • The Gender Committee will draft letters to all critical actors including heads of Federal Members States and traditional elders reminding them of their responsibilities towards the materialization of women’s quota in their respective regions and communities. They will be urged to reserve seats for women and ensure that such seats are protected for women candidates;
  • The Gender Committee will follow up with the plans made by leaders of FMS and traditional elders intended to achieve women’s 30 percent quota and will ensure that such plans are fully implemented;
  • The Gender Committee will ensure that clans that are obligated in providing one or three seats to women fulfill such agreement, and if they do not, that FEIT, SEIT, and FMS will ensure that this is implemented
  • The Gender Committee will remind all FMS and clan elders to ensure that all designated seats for women are given to women;
  • The Gender Committee will document and respond to challenges that women candidates encounter during the election;
  • The Gender Committee will also ensure that women’s quota be achieved in the representation of the voting delegates that will be casting votes for each member of parliament and upper house;
  • The Gender Committee will ensure the representation of women within the  monitoring and observing of all voting polls;
  • The Gender Committee will ensure that women candidates will be empowered, educated, and trained on the electoral process, and their rights towards their campaign, as well as have access to media platforms to engage the public of their agenda
  • The Committee’s Gender Unit will do daily documentation of all of its efforts intended to promote and uphold the women’s quota and capture challenges that it may face during the election.

The Gender Committee will provide a report detailing the obstacles that were come across, the ways in which the goals were attained, and what changes can be utilized for the 2025 elections for a successful realization of further progress of the committee’s commitment to fulfilling the above mentioned aims and missions.